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Toughest 10K

Kemah - Seabrook Bridge


Toughest 10K

Kemah - Seabrook Bridge

The Texas Bridge Series!

*The Texas Bridge Series is a series of three races, over three iconic Texas bridges in the Gulf Coast area. Run all three Bridge races - the Kemah Bridge (Toughest 10K) in September, the Galveston Causeway (The Toughest 10K Galveston) in October, and the Fred Hartman Bridge (La Porte Half Marathon) in November, and you will get a commemorative special medal!

  • There are no refunds or rainchecks if you miss a race.
  • If you have registered but can not make a race you can transfer your registration to another person for $10 but you must contact us first.
  • To qualify for the Texas Bridge Series 4th medal the same runner must finish all races.

Online registration for the Texas Bridge Series all-in-one is now closed. You can still register for Kemah (as long as slots remain) and be advised shirt sizes are very limited. You may be able to exchange your shirt AFTER the race if a size your prefer is available.

You can still do the Texas Bridge Series by registering and running all three races.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to sign up for all three races at once for the Texas Bridge Series, or can I just sign up one at a time?
A. No, you can sign up for each individual race. However, if you use our online registration for Kemah, you can sign up for all three at that time by checking that option on your registration.

Q: I registered for the TBS but can't run one (or two) of the three, can I transfer my entry to someone else?
A: Yes. There is a $15 transfer fee, you must contact us to do the transfer, and you will not be eligible for the TBS extra medal if you do not personally run all three.

Q: I registered for Kemah, now I would like to register for the other two. And will I get the Series medal?
A: You can register for each race separately, or see us at packet pickup, we will register you then. You will get the Series medal as long as you run all three races.

Q. Can I register for the races individually and still get the commemorative special medal?
A. Yes, absolutely.

Q. Do I need to inform you when I complete the Series to receive my Texas Bridge Series medal?
A. No, we keep track of who finished each race. At La Porte Half Marathon, each of the eligible Texas Bridge Series participants will have a special bib. Once you cross the finish line, your extra medal awaits you.

Q. Will we still get each medal for each race, AND the Texas Bridge Series medal?
A. Yes. Each race is a stand alone race, only those that run all three will be eligible for the Bridge Series medal.

Q. Do I need to pay extra to get the Texas Bridge Series medal?
A. No. Just sign up for each individual race.